June 2017

June 15: Arrive Lima very early morning AM usually from US destinations. We leave for Cuzco around noon. But I’ll need all your flight info before we book our flight from Lima to Cuzco.Arrive Cuzco and check out the main square. Drivers take us to Sacred Valley and to Hanac Pacha private retreat. Settle in for the night and adjust to altitude. First meditation.

June 16: Meditation in Villa Magico temple in Lamay. Morning hike to Temple of Pisaq (depending on those who have adjusted to altitude) Drop off at main temple. Ceremony night

June 17: Rest Morning meditation and integration. Tour Salt Mines.

June 18: Morning meditation and integration.
Pack bag for 2 nights away.
Head to Ollantaytambo for ruins and train to Machu Picchu.
Spend night in Aguas Callientes.
Dinner at Peruvian restaurant with Peru dancer show.

June 19: Early departure for Machu Picchu. Explore the ancient citadel. Warrior meditation. Hike to Hauyna Picchu for those interested in climbing the peak. This is an hour up and hour down (must be in shape for this hike). Return to hotel. Ceremony night.

Jan 20: Return on train to Ollantaytambo and return to retreat center.
Day at orphanage.  This is volunteer. (If anyone does not want to participate you are free
  to make other plans.  I can have a driver take you to other sites)
Return to retreat center.

Jan 21: San Pedro day with sweat lodge
Hike to waterfalls
This is an all day event

Jan 22: Light breakfast and meditation. REST day, massage available, day hike to waterfall. Final ceremony night.

Jan 23: Depart retreat center
Inti Raymi celebration.  All day
Fallen Angel Party – must wear wings to get in. This party is to integrate you back into

Jan 24: Inti Ramey festival
Take Cuzco kids to lunch
Enjoy Cuzco – free day

Jan 25: Early morning. Day ceremony. This is a light ceremony on the hillside with music. This is to celebrate all the work that has been done. Even though this is supposed to be a light ceremony some have had profound break throughs this day. “Light” is relative.

Jan 26: Early morning breakfast.  Departure Cuzco to Lima. Lunch in Mira Flores park. Visit Escudo studios for private shopping for those interested. Flights back to US are that evening. Most US flights leave around 12 AM

Meditation in Mama Kia’s temple at Hanaca Pacha.
Morning hike to Temple of Pisaq (depending on those who have adjusted to altitude)
Drop off at main temple.  Ceremony night

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